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Qualified Permanent Life & Annuity Leads

March 28th, 2023 by

We’re introducing a new phone-qualified permanent life insurance lead system that can double as annuity leads through retirement planning! Learn more from Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance.

Our Multi-Faceted Marketing Approach

December 6th, 2022 by

What will your business look like in 2023 without a multi-faceted marketing system approach?

RADIO: Several of our radio hosts produced over $40 million for 2022, but they started just like everyone, with around $3,000 per month in radio marketing expenses.

ANNUITY.COM INTERNET LEADS: Our partners closed a record $1 million + sales in 2022.

WORKSHOPS: Average price is $2,500 for two workshops. Last week, we had a workshop with 24 buying units and 19 appointments.

Click here to learn more about how to get access to our marketing system.

Brad Pistole, host of Safe Money Radio, interviews America’s IRA Expert, Ed Slott

May 23rd, 2022 by

Marketing without skill is false advertising! Nobody knows that more than our radio host partner Brad Pistole. He prides himself in being the expert, and what better way to do that than being mentored by “America’s IRA Expert,” Ed Slott, CPA.

Watch the video:

Safe Money Radio Marketing – Are you ready for 2022?

October 28th, 2021 by

What your business will look like in 2022 is being decided right now!

We have grown by over 50% this year, primarily because of radio marketing.

Because of radio marketing, we grew in 2020 when many other FMOs were going backward, some by as much as 70%.

In 2021, radio catapulted many of our producers to record amounts of production.

How could Safe Money Radio Marketing catapult your business in 2022?  Now is the time to find out more and get started!

The Workshop System That Provides Everything!

September 22nd, 2021 by

This is not just a marketing system; it is a complete selling system from beginning to end at the lowest possible cost.

If you were thinking of going back to dinner seminars this fall, think again!  By that time, our partners will have already met with your prospects.

Results that just came in last week: 

47 Attendees
18 Appointments
$1,500 Ad Spend
$4 Million in the pipeline

Here is what you get:

  • One-on-One Coaching from the top producer that created the system
  • Continuation coaching
  • Recorded training library
  • All presentations materials provided
  • Presentation interface for prospects (no software to download)
  • Text reminders to registrants
  • Follow-up process training
  • Complete transparency of all campaign costs (no hidden markups)
  • All data belongs to you
  • Detailed accountability reports showing results for the campaigns

To learn more about this workshop system and to get started, click here.

Annuity branded leads

June 2nd, 2021 by

Get exclusive leads

For over a decade, these leads have generated over $500 million in annuity premiums for us. With new technology and a new strategy, we have a lower price point!  All leads are exclusive!

No Pre-Payment. Pay per Attendee.

  • Annuity Branded Leads as low as $30 each from a proven system.
  • Estate Planning Leads for $40 each (Do you work with a lawyer?).
  • Estate Planning Webinar Leads for $20 per attendee.  Only pay for prospects that attend the webinar.  Fully integrated presentation system.
  • Get full sales support, case design, and client handout materials with this offer.

Estate planning leads

June 2nd, 2021 by

High net worth annuity sales with estate planning leads

Due to indications coming from the current Presidential administration, seniors are becoming very concerned with the consequences of not having an estate plan.

We have a massive price advantage due to having access to a large database of prospects and artificial intelligence marketing algorithms! 

Do you work with an estate planning lawyer?

No Pre-Payment. Pay per Attendee.

  • Leads for the Annuity Agent that works with an Estate Planning Attorney.
  • $20 per webinar attendee. Only pay for prospects that attend the webinar. 
  • Fully integrated presentation system.
  • 30% show rate ($60 per show).
  • High net worth.  Only clients with money are concerned with estate planning.
  • Agent gets all registration data for follow-up.
  • Get full sales support, case design, and client handout materials with this offer.

Annuity Marketing Budget Management vs. Annuity Lead Management

May 2nd, 2012 by

If you want to become a top producer, somewhere around the the 2-3 million dollar productions range you need to switch from annuity marketing budget management to annuity lead management.

What is Annuity Marketing Budget Management?
Annuity marketing budget management is the process of determining how much you can spend on marketing for at least the next six months and then spending that amount regardless of sales volume.

As you get capitalized, you consistently increase your budget until you are spending somewhere around 10-15% of revenues on marketing. Your goal with this type of marketing budget is to make sure you are consistently spending money on marketing but not spending more than you can maintain. The problem with this system is that what you can afford does not always produce the number of annuity leads required to keep your calendar full.

What is Annuity Lead Management?
Your #1 business goal as an annuity agent is to get capitalized enough that lead flow becomes more important than managing lead expenses. At this point, you realize that the most expensive annuity lead is the lead you don’t have and your focus changed from managing your marketing budget to identifying how many annuity leads you need every week to keep a full calendar Once you have determined the number of leads you need each week, add 10% (i.e. if you need ten leads you will manage for 11 leads).

The next step separates the men from the boys. Now you need to spend whatever is required to give you and average lead count that will keep your calendar full. When you start the process of annuity lead management your ROI might shrink and your lead expense as a percentage of revenues might increase. Don’t be alarmed! Eventually your revenues will catch up and you will get to a stage in your business where you cannot out expense your revenues. This is the point where momentum becomes as powerful as the concept of compound interest and where your confidence goes ballistic. This is also the point where you don’t need your clients, they need you, and you become a low hanging fruit picker. If you got to the point where you are selling 2 to 3 million per year you have already proven you can sell. Now all you need to do is keep your calendar full by switching your priorities from lead expense to lead flow and your production will reach levels that very few annuity agents ever experience.

In both circumstances you never turn off your annuity marketing for vacations, holidays, or anything else.

If the Annuity Leads Don’t Come to You, Go to Them

March 6th, 2012 by

I just got off the phone with an agent (I will call him Joe) and we had the typical conversation about annuity seminar leads drying up.  During the conversation he told me that he has sold 180 million in annuity premiums over the last 30 years.  I won’t tell you where he is from because you wouldn’t know where it is anyway. 

I just got off the phone with an agent (I will call him Joe) and we had the typical conversation about annuity seminar leads drying up.  During the conversation he told me that he has sold 180 million in annuity premiums over the last 30 years.  I won’t tell you where he is from because you wouldn’t know where it is anyway.  Basically, he lives in the middle of nowhere.  In fact, he joked that the number one product in his town is meth and that his town has the lowest income per capita in his entire state.  The closest major city is over two hours away.

He said to me, “People have told me for years that I should move to a bigger city where I could get more annuity leads, and I guess they are right, but this is where my family is.More money is not worth moving away from my family.

We chose where we live and we live with what we chose.

We all have challenges in our business; location issues, health issues, money issues, lead flow issues, and many, many more issues.  The question is what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to be a victim of your circumstances or are you going to work hard enough and innovate so you can live where you want to live and have the lifestyle you want to have?

I cannot help but be impressed with Joe and his success selling annuities.  He has put his butt in the car over and over again to travel to his clients for over 30 years.  He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in annuity marketing expenses so he always had someone to show his products, even when it was not easy for him to spend that money.  I did not sense any complaint or regret for all those miles Joe put on the road.  He has made hundreds of thousands of dollars per year helping his clients with safe annuity products and has provided his family with a lifestyle far beyond his small town roots.  He takes vacation when he wants, coaches football when he wants, and he truly knows how great he has it.

Make sure your work ethic matches your dreams my friends.  Dreams don’t become reality without effort, risk, and perseverance. Annuity Leads: The #1 Branded Annuity Lead Q&A

February 24th, 2012 by annuity leads come from the premium consumer based annuity information source.  If you want an annuity lead that wants to talk to you about annuities there is no better place to start than  Our project manager, Kevin Dufficy, put together this Q&A on the annuity leads to give some guidance on how these leads are generated.

You can find out more about annuity leads HERE. Annuity Leads Q&A:

Q ~ Do all the annuity leads come from

A ~ No, some of the annuity leads come from other partner sites that we currently work with.  All of our annuity leads are branded so that if they don’t end up on an landing page, we will put in the quote request message to the prospect.  Our goal is to generate 90% of the annuity leads from the website but all leads are branded.

Q ~ If the annuity lead did not come from the website where did the lead come from?

A ~ Many sites, such as The Motley Fool, Forbes, etc.  We are placing ads in strategic locations to increase lead flow.

Q ~ Are any of the annuity leads directed from another site to

A ~ Not currently, but we are leaving that option open with the condition the annuity quote prospect will be familiarized with the brand during in the process of requesting an annuity quote.

Q ~ Are the annuity leads expecting a report or a quote?

A ~ The “Lead Type” field on your annuity lead will say if they are expecting a “Guide” or a “Rate/Quote”. So far, you’ve gotten only annuity rate/quote leads.

Q ~ Is the report “Safe Money Book” or “2012 Annuity & Investment” Report? I’ve been told “safe money” but the site leads me to believe its the 2012 Annuity & Investment Report.

A ~ Currently it is the 2012 Annuity & Investment Report.

Q ~ Is the book/report sent via email or physical delivery?

A ~ The annuity prospect can download the report immediately on the website and we also send them an email confirmation with a link to download it (and we of course say again that an advisor will be contacting them shortly).  You should always use the Safe Money Book and Safe Money Kit (available for contracted partners) to increase your chances for an appointment.

Q ~ Does the annuity lead have the report when we get lead?

A ~ Yes, if it’s a Guide Lead.