No Dinner Annuity Workshop

annuity workshop

This innovative fill-in-the-blank no-dinner annuity workbook seminar is interactive and engaging. Agents all across the country are selling millions in annuity premiums from this mentored turn-key senior workshop.

Here are some key features that make this workshop effective and unique:

How much will this cost you? The most expensive annuity lead is the client you never met with!

  • Social Media generated workshop registrations
  • No Dinner!  Senior center, civic center, or library venues
  • Fill-in-the-blank workbook presentation (No PowerPoint)
  • Content is interactive and engaging
  • 50%+ second appointment ratio
  • Free promotional website
  • Mentored by $10 million+ producer
  • Video and 1-on-1 training
  • No commission sharing
  • Average premium $450k per workshop
  • Average cost around $2,500 per workshop