Safe Money Radio Marketing

The best annuity agents across the nation are using radio to generate high-quality annuity leads. People want to hear the “Safe Money” message now more than ever – we have the solution they’re looking for.

Radio is Effective: Reach 2,000 to 3,000 targeted listeners with every broadcast and receive at least 20 leads per month. In most major markets, you can expect at least 15 leads per show.

Radio is Inexpensive: It costs about $3,000 a month to air a half-hour weekly show. Radio generates targeted annuity leads of the highest quality and people that want to talk to you about buying indexed annuities.

Radio is Powerful: Everyone loves a celebrity. You can leverage your celebrity status across all of your marketing efforts and brand yourself as the local “Safe Money” expert in your community.

We are radio experts and have almost 100 agents on the air with their own Safe Money Radio show. We know how to do it, and we make it easy for you.

You can be on the air in four weeks or less With your own polished Safe Money Radio Marketing Program

Join us to become a Safe Money Radio Marketing host. The Safe Money Radio Marketing team provides you with a turn-key annuity marketing system and the following experts:

  • Project Manager: Will facilitate the activities of all team members and coordinate all aspects of your show.
  • Media Buyer: Will identify your target audience with quantitative market data, negotiate the best possible media contracts, and make recommendation on radio station and time slot selection.
  • Production Engineer: Will set you up with equipment, proven scripts, and sample recordings so you can record your show right from your computer. He will coach you through the recording process, record voice-overs and commercials, and edit the raw audio for final production.
  • Prospect Response Manager: Will manage and establish your phone system to capture lead response.

The Safe Money Radio Marketing team is dedicated to your success. We are always standing by ready and available to assist you.