Annuity Quote Leads

All of our annuity marketing systems must pass four critical tests before we use them in our personal production and share them with our partners:

REALTIME:The leads must get to the annuity advisor immediately after the inquiry
EXCLUSIVE:One annuity lead, one annuity advisor. Never to be sold again, period!
BRAND IDENTIFIED:The prospect needs to know how you got their information. They need to be expecting your call.
PRODUCT PRIMED:The prospect needs to know and expect that the advisor will call to talk to them about annuities.
annuity leads

Here is a big annuity marketing secret that in all the IMO / FMO conventions we have attended we have never heard anybody talk about. Becoming a million dollar a month annuity producer is not about finding good leads (a good lead is any lead you can make a profit on). Becoming a multi-million dollar annuity producer is about having efficient leads. Efficient annuity leads allow you to make the most amount of money meeting the fewest number of people. That is the key to a successful annuity business unless you want to spend all your time selling annuities with no time left to enjoy your success.

It doesn’t matter if you are a $500 thousand dollar or a $15 million dollar annuity producer, we all have one thing in common. We all only have so many hours in the day. Wouldn’t you rather spend your day selling one out of five annuity leads instead of one out of twenty?

Annuity Quote leads are an efficient annuity marketing system because the prospect asked for a quote. They know you are going to call them about an annuity. They know how you got their information and you are the only one from the annuity quote source that is calling them.

“If you think online annuity leads are not worth your time, you’ve never spoken to an Organic, Exclusive, and Undiluted annuity lead.”

HIGH INVESTMENT AMOUNTS:Average lead has $150K to invest.
BIG CASES, BIG COMMISSIONS:Annuity advisors report closing cases worth $300K to $900k.
REAL ROI:Experienced annuity advisors typically have an ROI of 1,000% or more.
GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVE:Each lead is only sold to a single financial advisor.
ALWAYS FRESH:Annuity leads show up in your inbox within seconds of being generated.
GENUINE ANNUITY PROSPECTS:Real annuity prospects interested in annuity products and income solutions.
GENUINE REPLACEMENT POLICY:Up to 40% of leads are replaced to ensure quality.
NO SIGN-UP FEE:Minimum order of just 10 leads.
CONVENIENT ONLINE PORTAL:Tracking your annuity leads and requesting replacements is simple and easy.
PERSONAL SERVICE:A commitment to put annuity advisors first.