annuity leads

Leads are generated from the premier consumer-based annuity information source,, internet ads, TV commercials, and radio ads branded with When you partner with us, you are associating your business practice with You can leverage that association with your prospects and clients for a massive return on investment.

TWO TYPES OF LEADS: You should buy both!
1. PHONE VERIFIED: Leads we have spoken to withing 10 minutes of inquiry and verified their contact information, their interest in an annuity, their available funds, and their willingness to speak to an agent. Typical conversion 1 out of 5.
2. DATA VERIFIED: Leads we were not able to reach by phone but are able to verify the phone number works. Branded leads have been filtered through advertising. Typical conversion 1 out of 10. leads are:

FRESH:You get the lead immediately after it is created
EXCLUSIVE:One annuity lead for one agent.
DIRECT:The lead is interested in annuities or they wouldn’t be visiting
CREDIBLE:What could be more credible than the name of the product dot com?
AFFORDABLE:Deep Discounts and Priority Preference for Contract Committed Producing Partners!