It’s All About Marketing and Sales Process

annuity marketing

What does the “M” stand for in IMO or FMO? Some annuity “marketing” organizations don’t seem to know. We hear it over and over again, “My upline isn’t helping me get in front of clients.” Are you tired of the same old seminar, webinar, and referral systems being pushed on you as annuity “marketing”? Where is the innovation? Are you tired of back-office support and incentive programs being used as a distraction to getting what you really need?

It’s simple math; 100% of nothing is still nothing. It doesn’t matter what a so-called independent “marketing” organization offers you if they don’t get you in front of annuity prospects. When was the last time your IMO helped you close a $5 million cash with an app case? We have done that, and we help our partners close multi-million dollar cases every month.

Do you have more annuity leads than you can handle?  Assuming you know what to do once you are in front of the prospect, then the only thing you need is more prospects. If you need help with your sales process, are teachable, and willing to commit to an annuity marketing plan, we can create a program for you to provide you with an endless lead flow and the system to close business. We specialize in “front door” annuity marketing. Why waste time with annuity marketing systems that make you beat around the bush? Wouldn’t you rather talk to prospects that want to talk about annuities? Our annuity marketing systems are not only productive but extremely efficient.

How much will this cost you? The truth is the most expensive annuity lead is the one you failed to close or maximize the case size on!

Why not get the most out of your annuity marketing? Our 5-Step-Sales-Process helps you increase your closure rate, your case size, and decreases the number of appointments it takes to close business. With our annuity marketing systems, you can have two or three times the production while meeting with half as many clients compared to typical selling processes with your typical marketing systems.

Are you trading loyalty to a relationship that has not grown your business for the opportunity to double or triple your annuity production in the next 12 to 18 months?

Join Annuity Agents Alliance, do what we teach you, commit to an annuity marketing plan, and we will build your success together! Are you ready for Real Help, from Real Agents?