Safe Money Book

We provide our agents with the materials they need to make an annuity sales stick, generate referrals, and turn today’s prospects into future clients.


“Your Safe Money Book was incredible!”. As soon as you left, I read it cover-to-cover and I was so impressed!”

This is what an attorney and client said to us after we returned for our sixth appointment with him. When we got to his door, he was holding the Safe Money Book in his hand. When we left his house, we were holding a $425,000 check and an annuity application in our hands.

The Safe Money Book is authored by Bill Broich, a 100 Million Dollar plus annuity producer, with editorial contributions by Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance. It is a vital part of your Safe Money Information Kit.

The Safe Money Book has 13 chapters and 115 pages covering everything clients need to keep their money safe and divorce their broker. It is the premier annuity sales tool in the industry.

safe money book

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As one of our partners, you will have access to a kit that can make you millions and give your annuity client the information they need. An annuity lead is an invitation to a relationship, our handout materials will make that invitation a reality.

Here is what we will provide to you for FREE:

  • Label Template
  • Confidential Information Sheet
  • The History of Annuities
  • Top 15 Annuity Myths
  • Annuities vs. CD’s
  • Mutual Funds vs. Annuities
  • Up-to-Date Handout News Articles
  • Why Do I Want a Fixed Indexed Annuity
  • Secrets About Reverse Mortgages Booklet
  • And much, much more