Million Dollar Compassion Club

Annuity Agents Alliance has partnered with Compassion International for the Million $ Compassion Club.

Our partners that issue $1,000,000 or more in calendar year annuity premiums and/or $50,000 in target life premiums will have a child sponsored by us in the name of our club member. Agencies with multiple agents can combine their production for initial qualification and earn additional qualifications for each producing agent every time the qualifying production is met.

Through qualification, a child with Compassion International will be sponsored in the name of the club member. All correspondence from the sponsored child will go directly to the club member, but we will pay the sponsorship

Please go to the bottom of this page for additional information on child sponsorship opportunities .


Brady Speers – TX

Christopher Novinger – TX

Rick Taylor – MT

Peter Toth  – OH

Gemlife Capital & Insurance Services  – CA

Chris Thomas – GA

Garret Moretz – NC

Andrew Brugnoli  – GA

Todd Smithson & Karen Smithson  – UT

Chuck Bartman  – MI

William “Rick” Dennis  – TX

Shawn Hogan  – OH

David Townsend  – WA

Bill Broich  – CA

Teachers Retirement Resources  – FL

Bret Roby  – CO

Anthony Owen  – CO

Chad Owen  – CO


Ivan Santamaria Jimenez  – Dominican Republic

Yasiri Lucas Valdez – Dominican Republic

Jolibee Esmale – Philippines

Dirly Alfaro Antara – Indonesia

Rodel Sayon – Philippines

Edmundo Ordaga, Jr – Philippines

Adams Elias Canto Becerra – Ecuador

Katy May Kerry Torres – Ecuador

Anderson Frank Alighiere Castaneda Medin – Peru

April Mae Paghubasan – Philippines

Meliaku Abadi  – Ethiopia

Ribka Clara Enjelin Larosa – Indonesia

Angela Cula  -Philippines

Maria Fernanda Maryori Giraldo Zarzoza  – Peru

Damaris Olmos Santiago  – Mexico

Lorine Akello Shiyayo   – Kenya

Shelou Remillete   – Philippines

Godfrey Ainabyoona   – Uganda

Annuity Agents Alliance believes that compassion means more than just feeding the hungry , providing education, giving shelter and clothing to the poor. Compassion International , through its church partners, provides love represented by the One who loves us most, Jesus Christ . Through its holistic child development program, each child is given hope and the ability to dream. Compassion is a bridge that allows us the opportunity to impact the life of a child in abject poverty…there can be no more worthy calling in life. That is why Annuity Agents Alliance has partnered with Compassion International .Even if you are not a Million $ Compassion Club member, you can sponsor a Compassion child on your own and help safe a life

Will you partner with Compassion? Today is the day to change a life. Please join us by sponsoring a child now! Click on the banner below to select a child and offer them hope.