Do You Know Your Why?

Do you know your what, or do you know your why? Are you doing this just for money (business)? Or, are you doing this for partnership (serving others)?

I just returned from three days of leadership training hosted by Integrity Marketing Group and served by Tom Ziglar, son of the famed Zig Ziglar.

One of the main themes of the training was “knowing your why.”

We are probably ambitious enough to accomplish our “what,” but if we sacrifice or don’t know our “why,” our accomplishments will only be on paper. No happiness or joy can come from only accomplishing the “what.”

When you build your business, I promise the money is insufficient no matter how much you make. In the end, to have true satisfaction, you must know that you brought people with you for the journey and achieved mutually beneficial accomplishments.

If you don’t know a “why" or you do, watch the video here.

Written by anthony-owen

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