Estate planning leads

High net worth annuity sales with estate planning leads

Due to indications coming from the current Presidential administration, seniors are becoming very concerned with the consequences of not having an estate plan.

We have a massive price advantage due to having access to a large database of prospects and artificial intelligence marketing algorithms! 

Do you work with an estate planning lawyer?

No Pre-Payment. Pay per Attendee.

  • Leads for the Annuity Agent that works with an Estate Planning Attorney.
  • $20 per webinar attendee. Only pay for prospects that attend the webinar. 
  • Fully integrated presentation system.
  • 30% show rate ($60 per show).
  • High net worth.  Only clients with money are concerned with estate planning.
  • Agent gets all registration data for follow-up.
  • Get full sales support, case design, and client handout materials with this offer.

Written by anthony-owen

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