Annuity Leads: The #1 Branded Annuity Lead Q&A

Annuity Marketing | Annuity Leads annuity leads come from the premium consumer based annuity information source.  If you want an annuity lead that wants to talk to you about annuities there is no better place to start than  Our project manager, Kevin Dufficy, put together this Q&A on the annuity leads to give some guidance on how these leads are generated.

You can find out more about annuity leads HERE. Annuity Leads Q&A:

Q ~ Do all the annuity leads come from

A ~ No, some of the annuity leads come from other partner sites that we currently work with.  All of our annuity leads are branded so that if they don't end up on an landing page, we will put in the quote request message to the prospect.  Our goal is to generate 90% of the annuity leads from the website but all leads are branded.

Q ~ If the annuity lead did not come from the website where did the lead come from?

A ~ Many sites, such as The Motley Fool, Forbes, etc.  We are placing ads in strategic locations to increase lead flow.

Q ~ Are any of the annuity leads directed from another site to

A ~ Not currently, but we are leaving that option open with the condition the annuity quote prospect will be familiarized with the brand during in the process of requesting an annuity quote.

Q ~ Are the annuity leads expecting a report or a quote?

A ~ The "Lead Type" field on your annuity lead will say if they are expecting a "Guide" or a "Rate/Quote". So far, you've gotten only annuity rate/quote leads.

Q ~ Is the report "Safe Money Book" or "2012 Annuity & Investment" Report? I've been told "safe money" but the site leads me to believe its the 2012 Annuity & Investment Report.

A ~ Currently it is the 2012 Annuity & Investment Report.

Q ~ Is the book/report sent via email or physical delivery?

A ~ The annuity prospect can download the report immediately on the website and we also send them an email confirmation with a link to download it (and we of course say again that an advisor will be contacting them shortly).  You should always use the Safe Money Book and Safe Money Kit (available for contracted partners) to increase your chances for an appointment.

Q ~ Does the annuity lead have the report when we get lead?

A ~ Yes, if it's a Guide Lead.

Written by anthony-owen

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