We don’t work with annuity agents, we work with partners“, Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance.

At Annuity Agents Alliance, we value our partnerships because, without them, the success of our own personal production would be limited. We learn a great deal from the high-quality professionals that we work with, and we do everything we can to make sure they receive a valuable contribution from us in return.


Bill Broich, I have since joined 100% with your system and I am currently working with Anthony Owen who is giving me more support than I have seen in my 19 years in the business, and I have contracted all of my annuity contracts with Annuity Agents Alliance.

Listening to several of your past Open Mic archives, I am learning so much information and it shows me how wrong I have been doing this, and what a great bunch of people doing the right thing for our clients. I have also signed up for Annuity.com leads.

James Grazioli Palm City, FL November 23, 2020

In selling annuities, it’s all about good marketing plans and getting a good return on your investment from those plans. I like the Safe Money Radio Marketing radio show, the Pre-Qualified Annuity Leads , and the Electronic Response Marketing System that Annuity Agents Alliance offers.

Anthony Owen is a valuable resource to bounce ideas off and provides great information when needed. The Open Mic with Bill Broich every week is a great concept to share ideas!

Annuity Agents Alliance has a motto, “We don’t sell annuities, people buy them from us.”

Here is the one they should use for recruiting agents, “Annuity Agents Alliance doesn’t just recruit agents, they actually provide value for them.”

William "Bill" Demaree Indianapolis, IN November 23, 2020

The key to success in the annuity business is consistent and effective marketing with quality service. I have worked with a number of FMO’s over the last 18 years and Annuity Agents Alliance has helped me increase my business in a short period of time. The main difference is that they are selling every day and are very effectively using and refining the same tools and marketing programs that they are teaching and making available to their partners.

If you are serious about increasing your annuity business with the best marketing programs and services – then I highly recommend you contact Anthony.

Tom Malone Dahlonega, GA November 23, 2020