We don’t work with annuity agents, we work with partners“, Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance.

At Annuity Agents Alliance, we value our partnerships because, without them, the success of our own personal production would be limited. We learn a great deal from the high-quality professionals that we work with, and we do everything we can to make sure they receive a valuable contribution from us in return.


I wanted to thank Tony for helping me find the tools to expand my business 2 fold in the last 12 months. I have looked for several years for the tools like the internet annuity lead programs, Safe Money Radio Marketing radio show, and the Safe Money Kit, to allow me to spend more time in front of people with needs and money. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years looking for a turnkey approach to my annuity marketing, and now I have it.

Even though I have 30 years in the business the one thing that many of us veterans lack is the ability to stay on top of the changes occurring in the marketplace, and to get in front of the wave of retirees, and for that, I thank all of you in the organization for your assistance. I look forward now to expanding my business 3 to 5 times over the next 12 months.

Ray McFolling Appollo, FL November 23, 2020

I co-own a successful business, thanks to Annuity Agents Alliance. The quality of support our annuity agency receives is priceless. Each week during Open Mic, we discuss current events, product information, and case studies with a network of agents who share a high standard of ethics and desire to help one another. Open Mic helps me to be a true expert in my field.

With Annuity Agents Alliance, we’re taking advantage of the best annuity marketing in the industry. Safe Money Radio Marketing, the Safe Money BookAnnuity.com Leads, and the ERMS drip system, bring us more annuity prospects every month than we can handle. This year, our agency is pacing to more than double last year’s production. Meanwhile, no one in the business has dedicated as much of his time helping me as Anthony.  He not only taught me about annuities but how to run a business.  Today my childhood dream of owning a successful business has come true.  Thank you, Anthony!

Peter Toth Lewis Center, OH November 23, 2020

Our experience with annuity marketing groups has been that they typically concentrate on recruiting the bigger producers. We were searching for someone that could help us establish a marketing plan that could work for us. We found that Annuity Agents Alliance had the tools to help us in our endeavor.

Our Safe Money Radio Marketing radio program has made us recognizable in our community, and introduced us to prospects that know we are the authority on protecting their retirement funds. In addition, internet annuity leads help to supplement our business by providing prospects who have taken the first step in learning more about the safe and guaranteed products we offer.

An integral part of our business is setting an initial appointment. The conferences calls dedicated to booking appointments have been a tremendous help in overcoming objections. We can’t say enough about how valuable that experience has been to our business.

Mike Davis Sr. , Mike Davis Jr. Brentwood, TN November 23, 2020