Real Help from Real Agents

Are you tired of advice based on theory instead of facts? We all know that experience based on the successful application of ideas is more valuable than just an idea. At Annuity Agents Alliance, you will get more than just ideas. You will get Real Help, from Real Agents

Our annuity training is not based on theory, but fact! We are in the field every week so our advice doesn’t come from previous success or speculative opinion.

We started our agency, Eagle Shadow Financial, LLC, in 2006. Today we have written over $100,000,000 million in personal production.

Good for us, right? Yes, but good for you too!

Anthony Owen says, “When we started our agency, there were so many people offering to help and absolutely nobody that could help. I have been in sales all my life, and it was obvious to me that all the people who were trying to give me advice had little or no experience in the field”.

In May 2007, that all changed when we merged with Bill Broich, also a 100 plus million dollar annuity producer, and his partner, David Townsend, flew into Denver and introduced us to Real Help, from Real Annuity Agents.

In 2008, we started a independent marketing organization, Life Agents Alliance, which was rebranded to Annuity Agents Alliance in 2011. Through the collaborative efforts with our annuity partners, we have created a field marketing organization that shares the annuity marketing lead systems that we use in our personal production today.

So why is this good for you? If you partner with Annuity Agents Alliance you will get access to everything that has made, and continues to make, us successful annuity salesmen. You will get direct training from multi-million dollar producers and access to all of our annuity marketing and sales tools.