We don’t work with annuity agents, we work with partners“, Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance.

At Annuity Agents Alliance, we value our partnerships because, without them, the success of our own personal production would be limited. We learn a great deal from the high-quality professionals that we work with, and we do everything we can to make sure they receive a valuable contribution from us in return.


A little feedback on your drip system… In October of 08, this guy attended one of my annuity seminars. I even did a fact finder for him and gave him a recommendation for safety. He decided to wait to try and get back a little of his previous losses. I put him in the annuity drip system and sent him a newsletter every month. A few days ago he calls me out of the blue and he’s ready to move. Today I sent an app with a check to American Equity for $84,000 and his variable annuity for $45,000 matures in February and we will do that one as well. By the way, he has saved every single newsletter! Sorta pays for a few mailings, eh.

Rick Taylor – MT February 3, 2023

I am thinking about purchasing a smaller annuity to bridge me to 70. I have a defined benefit for about 48 K and really only need 40,000 per year for the period from Jan 2012 when I would be 60 years and a couple of weeks old until Dec 2021. I would want the policy to have survivor benefits at 100% for this period. Please email me when we could talk on the phone about this request and also send the phone number.

Rich – CO January 14, 2023

Tony, I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the check I received this month from Annuity Agents Alliance as part of your program. I see you were generous in relaxing the minimum requirements in order for me to receive the reimbursement. Believe me, it is much appreciated. Thank you!

I just had another $190,000 sale this week so I’m off to a good start for the year. I really appreciate the lead programs that are being offered and I’m trying all of them. Thanks for the support and I am looking forward to another good year up here in lonely Montana.

Rick Taylor Polson, MT October 10, 2022