electronic Testimonial one

On Friday, I completed my first sale generated by the ERMS system: $330,000 moving from mutual funds. Bob had first heard the radio show in June 2010, didn't want to meet, had interest, was thinking of retiring in about a year, would call me when ready to meet, and went on my newsletter drip list. In September 2010, he was laid off (financial analyst). Still didn't call me. In early February, 2011, we put him on the Retire Village email drip list. Two emails later he called me, and on our second meeting we did paperwork to open 4 accounts and move the $330,000! This annuity marketing system works! This next week I expect to write my second piece of ERMS-generated business, an internet lead from October of last year who just wanted information, no meeting and then asked for contact after receiving two emails from the ERMS system. We had our first meeting last week, and the plan is to move $150,000 this week from T Rowe Price. There is about $400,000 that I know of (so far) that could eventually be moved as trust develops.

Thank you for your marketing expertise and tools. This ERMS tool is fantastic!

Written by kishorewpadmin

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