The Definition of Selling Annuities: Eliminating Questions

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How would you define the process of selling annuities?

One of the ways I define it isas, "The process of eliminating question marks."

Are you credible?  Yes, I work in association with and I am the host of Safe Money Radio in Denver, Colorado? (Use whatever credibility you have as long as it is legitimate.  No fake designations.)

Do you have a website?  Yes, it’s *** (Electronic Response Marketing System) and as my client I will give you privileged access to information that will enhanced our relationship and your retirement planning.  What is your email address so I can service you

Is my money safe?  Yes, my business and my relationship with you is committed to three core values.  I will provide you one or all of the following depending on your financial goals; protection of principle, guaranteed growth, and/or a lifetime of income you can never outlive.  Your money will never be at risk to market losses if you are my client!

Can I trust you? Can you help me understand this? How is what you are offering better than what I have been presented or understand? How does this benefit me? Etc., etc., etc.

What happens when you don’t answer all the questions?  You don’t make a sale, or if you do make a sale it’s on shaky ground.

As an annuity salesperson you should look at your business, your marketing, and your presentation and ask yourself, “Is what I am doing answering all of the questions for my prospects so they can become my clients?”

Eliminate question marks and you will have success in your annuity business and very happy clients.

Written by anthony-owen

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