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Annuity Sales Tip: In-Service Withdrawal Assumptive Close

Anthony Owen | April 8th, 2011 | Sales Training,

It’s time for annuity appointment booking calls again to fill the calendar for next week.Are you being aggressive enough? Are you selling an idea or a product?I just listened to Chad call one of his Safe Money Radio annuity leads and here is how it went. This was second time Chad called this guy. He had an appointment with him before but the appointment was cancelled. Chad was calling back to see if he was still interested in meeting.

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Annuity Leads from Drip Marketing

Anthony Owen | March 30th, 2011 | Leads & Marketing,

Hello Partners,If you are not using the Electronic Response Marketing System (ERMS), BIG MISTAKE!!!!We had a very difficult client buy an annuity from us about a year ago. In fact, she was so abrasive that we almost walked away from the sale. We have not heard from her since the purchase but started noticing from the daily reports that she was hitting our ERMS website several times over the last few weeks. We just got a call from her and she said, “Hey, I have another $20,000 I would like to move over to you guys. Can you help me with that?”

Annuity Marketing | Annuity Leads

Annuity Sales Objection Handling: I’m Not Your Plumber

Anthony Owen | March 25th, 2011 | Sales Training,

It helps to be quick on the draw. Bret Roby and Chad Owen are making calls right now at my office to book annuity appointments.Bret just called one of his Safe Money Radio leads and the wife answered. Bret asked for the husband who had called his radio show. The wife turning away from the phone yelled out to her husband that someone was calling for him. He asked who it was and she said, “I think it’s your plumber”.

Annuity Marketing | Annuity Leads