Annuity Sales Tip: In-Service Withdrawal Assumptive Close

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It’s time for annuity appointment booking calls again to fill the calendar for next week.Are you being aggressive enough?  Are you selling an idea or a product?I just listened to Chad call one of his Safe Money Radio annuity leads and here is how it went.  This was second time Chad called this guy.  He had an appointment with him before but the appointment was cancelled.  Chad was calling back to see if he was still interested in meeting.

The client did not want to meet because all of his money is in his 401K with IBM and he does not plan on retiring until July of this year.

Chad said, “Would you like to take advantage of in-service-withdrawal.” 

Client,  “What’s that?” 

Chad, “Do you want to protect your 401K now?

Client, “Yes, but I can’t take my money out of my 401K until I retire.”

Chad, “Who administers your 401K plan?”

Client, “Fidelity”. (Chad Googles “Fidelity 401K customer service number”)

Chad, “Let’s call Fidelity and double check.  Hold on while I get them on the phone.” (Client was not asked if he wanted to call Fidelity.  Key point here. Be assumptive!)

While the phone is ringing he tells the client to identify himself when they answer and then give permission for him to ask some questions.

Fidelity answers and client does as Chad instructed.  Chad verifies that the client has $236K in 401k and that the client is eligible for a 100% in-service withdrawal.

After disconnecting from Fidelity Chad asks, “So, looks like we can go ahead and protect your retirement.  I am going to be in your area on Tuesday.  Does afternoon or evening work best for you?”

The appointment was booked.

Now pay attention to this!!!  No product has been discussed or explained.  Has the client bought anything yet?

Technically no.  We still have to do a fact finder and show the client how his retirement would benefits from our product but the client has bought into the idea of protecting his retirement.

Sell the idea, not the product!!!

Written by anthony-owen

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