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Hello Partners,If you are not using the Electronic Response Marketing System (ERMS)BIG MISTAKE!!!!We had a very difficult client buy an annuity from us about a year ago.  In fact, she was so abrasive that we almost walked away from the sale.  We have not heard from her since the purchase but started noticing from the daily reports that she was hitting our ERMS website several times over the last few weeks.  We just got a call from her and she said, “Hey, I have another $20,000 I would like to move over to you guys.  Can you help me with that?”

We said, “No way”! 

Just kidding.  We might have said “no way” but she was so nice to us.  Completely different person than the one we met with a year ago.

Who knows what caused the change in attitude.  Maybe she went to a Tony Robbins seminar.  Maybe she just refilled her Prozac prescription?  Then again maybe she has been visiting our ERMS website and decided she likes us and the guarantees we offer with our products?  Maybe she saw something that made her concerned about the safety of her money?

I don’t know, maybe one of your clients might call you and ask if they can buy more annuities?  What do you think?

Thanks for the biz.  Thanks for more biz if you are using ERMS.

Written by anthony-owen

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