How would you like to double or triple your production in the next 12 months?

Our Prestige Partners can testify that those results are very probable.

What is a Prestige Partner? They are the elite producers of Annuity Agents Alliance that have fully embraced our annuity marketing systems and are committed and loyal partners.

Anthony Owen is often heard saying, "I can't steer a parked car." Prestige Partners have the pedal to the metal and are committed to annuity marketing.

Our mentor for the Prestige Partner Program, sells more than a million dollars per month in annuity production. He uses all of our core marketing plans for his success.

Marketing is the first step, but what you do with your marketing is the key to capitalizing on opportunities. Our case design and sales strategies are maximized for your success.  Our mentor demonstrates everything that we have designed. That is why we created the Prestige Partner Mentor Program to give our partners a one on one annuity sales training experience that is unmatched in the industry.

What qualifies as a Prestige Partner?

  • At least $500,000 in 12 month deferred annuity production with Annuity Agents Alliance
  • A consistent and substantial annuity marketing plan
  • Integrity beyond question
  • Minimum 3 month participation in mentoring program prior to ride along training.
  • A genuine concern for clients and a commitment to do what is right for them
  • No ties or suits during your visit - sometimes we run appointments in blue jeans

What does FREE mean?

  • Airfare: Paid for
  • Ground transportation: Paid for
  • Hotel: Paid for
  • Meals with us: Paid for
  • Incidentals: If your qualified you can afford them

What training will a Prestige Partner get? What should you expect?

  • You will usually participate in 3 full days of annuity training. You can fly in early Monday morning and leave Thursday morning.
  • Out mentor will book as many appointments as possible for the time you are with us (usually 7 or more).
  • You will ride along on all appointments with very rare exceptions.
  • You will sit at the kitchen table with our mentor and watch him present annuities to clients.
  • You will most likely experience a one sit one close annuity sale.
  • You will listen to our mentor make calls and book annuity appointments.
  • Time permitting, our mentor will listen to you make calls on your leads, and he will coach you for improvement.
  • You will watch our mentor, and he will teach you how to prepare for the appointment.
  • Also, be prepared to have a good time and be exhausted by the time you leave.
The Prestige Partner Mentor Program is a career changing experience!  You will return to your office with confidence and selling abilities you never thought possible. Join Annuity Agents Alliance today, and become a Prestige Partner.
* Annuity Agents Alliance reserves the right to select who qualifies for this program based on factors not listed here. In the end, we make our selections based on that "it factor," and our overall impression regarding how our partners will be able to capitalize from the program.