When you are choosing an annuity marketing system, there are two major things to consider: Return on Investment and efficiency (number of appointments vs. premium written) compared to other marketing options. Pre-Qualified Annuity Leads are hard to beat on those two measures.

Pre-Qualified Leads
Our largest sale ever from one of these leads, 3.7 million from one client . RESULTS - Our personal written production from 2011-2016 was 45 million from 1,141 leads.

No bulk buying, you pay as you go and set your budget to the number of leads you want to receive. (See our Pre-Qualified FAQ for more details.)

Instant, Fresh and Qualified!

Each qualified annuity lead will include a complete name, address, email, phone number, age, gender, city and state, as well as investment money available, how much they want to invest in an annuity, and household income. The lead will also be confirmed that they are willing to talk to an agent. All Pre-Qualified leads are real time dated and waiting for your call!

Sample Annuity Lead

Lead Date: 09/22/2010 9:50 AM
First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
Address: 289 Jones Street
City: Calistoga
State: California
Zip: 94515
Email: John****@ gmail.org
Phone: 707 555-****
Gender: Male
Investment Money Available: $100,000 +
Household Income: $50,000-$75,000

Comments: Prospect has $300,000 available for an annuity. Interested in income in 2-3 years with a focus on safety. The funds are in a 401 (k) and will move it to an IRA. Says he understands annuities and is interested in specifics. In the past 2 years his account has decreased in value, worried about safety and security. Wants rates on a 10 year income annuity for his wife. Please call.

Two things that make our leads the envy of the industry:
  • The lead has requested information about annuities and nothing else.
  • The lead is expecting a contact from a licensed insurance salesperson.

Commonly asked questions about the Pre-Qualified Annuity Lead Marketing System:

Q. Are the internet leads sold more than once?

A.No! Never! Our leads are completely exclusive.

Q. How do I receive my leads?

A. We use two methods: Initially, an email is sent to you notifying you of the lead; secondly, you can sign into your own private database and check new leads as well as all the leads you have received.

Q. What happens if the lead denies asking for the information?

A. Nothing. Our experience has been positive. Nearly 100% of the leads will respond providing you call as soon as you receive the lead. The lead has been informed that a licensed agent will contact them. Some leads will work and some won't. It is all about numbers.

Q. What happens if I need to suspend my leads for a vacation?

A. Not a problem, you can merely suspend your leads until you are ready to begin receiving them again. This is not recomended because you might lose access to some lead volume if other agents are in your area.

Q. How many leads do I need to order? Is there a minimum?

A. No minimum, just buy them one at a time. Begin and end anytime you wish. We do NOT accept any prepaid funds, pay as you go.

Q. How many leads can I expect?

A.Lead flows are based on internet traffic, which is based on population. Generally, lead flow begins in a day or so after placing your order.

Q. Can this be my sole marketing plan?

A. Yes, many agents do just that. However, having more than one lead source is a smart approach.

Q. What happens if I hate the leads and want to quit?

A. Just inform us and we will stop sending you leads. Easy.

Q. What happens if I love the leads and want an exclusive for a specific area?

A. Leads are on a first-come, first-served basis. Call us and we will be happy to discuss what might be accomplished.

Q. How much do they cost? What can I expect?

A. Annuity sales success can vary, but if you average what we average, you should write over $300,000 of annuity premium for every 10 leads.  Your biggest cost is opportunity loss, not the cost of a lead!   A consistent empty space in your calendar will cost you more than any leads system you ever pay for.

Our theory about leads is simple, some are good and some are not good. We believe in the "Law of Large Numbers." Every lead is exclusive, only sold once,and delivered instantly to you.

It has been our experience that at least 1 out of 10 leads will be a sale (our average is closer to 1 out of 4). Your actual results may be better or worse. The important thing is a constant flow of leads, week after week, month after month. It is all about numbers.

We live by the Golden Rule: Remember, we use these leads for our personal production.

Also, leads are not a sale; they are an invitation to a relationship. The rest is up to you, the annuity agent. We are annuity agents ourselves and we understand how important fresh, qualified annuity leads can be. These leads work for us and there is a very good chance they will work for you.