Would you like to get extra annuity leads day after day, week after week, month after month?

Would you like to know who is interested in learning more about you and your products?

Would you like to learn how to manage and maximize your annuity marketing efforts by being co-branded with Annuity.com ?

How it Works!

Using the Electronic Response Marketing System (ERMS) will help you build more sales by keeping in touch with your annuity prospect data-base. All annuity leads from ERMS are directly forwarded to you.

Every two weeks, your annuity prospect and client database will be contacted with a simple and informative message that will allow them to ask for more definitive information. These requests are sent exclusively and directly to you so you can respond, provide the additional information, build the relationship, and make the appointment. Your identity as an annuity agent is co-branded with Annuity.com, giving your business credibility.

Your Retire Village website is pre-loaded with over 3,500 articles, numerous videos, and other resources. Facebook integration, Google Local Advertising, and Agent Locator on Annuity.com are other enhancement features that make this the premier client drip system in our industry.


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Here are Some Agent Testimonials :

On Friday, I completed my first sale generated by the ERMS system: $330,000 moving from mutual funds. Bob had first heard the radio show in June 2010, didn't want to meet, had interest, was thinking of retiring in about a year, would call me when ready to meet, and went on my newsletter drip list. In September 2010, he was laid off (financial analyst). Still didn't call me. In early February, 2011, we put him on the Retire Village email drip list. Two emails later he called me, and on our second meeting we did paperwork to open 4 accounts and move the $330,000! This annuity marketing system works! This next week I expect to write my second piece of ERMS-generated business, an internet lead from October of last year who just wanted information, no meeting and then asked for contact after receiving two emails from the ERMS system. We had our first meeting last week, and the plan is to move $150,000 this week from T Rowe Price. There is about $400,000 that I know of (so far) that could eventually be moved as trust develops.

Thank you for your marketing expertise and tools. This ERMS tool is fantastic!

David D. Braun, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF - CA

I've been in the annuity business for over 30 years, and I've always dreamed of a marketing system that would be automated and keep me in front of my clients and prospects. This is magic. I know it will, despite my best attempts to mess it up, develop a lot of business in the future. After only 2 weeks, I'm already receiving responses. One is from the sister of a client I've been trying to connect with for over a year. It's all, as you know, a matter of taking time to see tangible results.  But it's impossible for this not to be an important part of my or any agent's business.

Mikel O - CA

A little feedback on your drip system.... In October of 08 this guy attended one of my annuity seminars. I even did a fact finder for him and gave him a recommendation for safety. He decided to wait to try and get back a little of his previous losses. I put him in the annuity drip system and sent him a newsletter every month. A few days ago he calls me out of the blue and he's ready to move. Today I sent an app with check to American Equity for $84,000 and his variable annuity for $45,000 matures in February and we will do that one as well. By the way, he has saved every single newsletter! Sorta pays for a few mailings, eh.

Rick Taylor - MT

Drip, drip, drip... Received the email below a few minutes after the latest "drip" went out yesterday... Read the guy's one-line email below - as Jackie Gleason used to say - "How sweet it is!!"... Never was able to get this guy to pick up the phone when he called the radio show on 5/30/2010 (almost a year ago)... now it looks like the guy has actually "raised his hand again" thanks to the Chinese water torture known as ERMS!

Rick Dennis - TX

Here is an Actual Email from One of Our Annuity Clients:

I am thinking about purchasing a smaller annuity to bridge me to 70. I have a defined benefit for about 48 K and really only need 40,000 per year for the period from Jan 2012 when I would be 60 years and a couple weeks old until Dec 2021. I would want the policy to have survivor benefits at 100% for this period. Please email me when we could talk on the phone about this request and also send the phone number.

Rich - CO