You could say, "It wasn't if, but when." For more than 20 years, starting as teenagers, Chad Owen and Anthony Owen talked about going into business together. Geography kept them apart for much of their lives. Anthony chose to stay in Hawaii, and Chad moved to Nevada once he finished high school and got married. Anthony eventually moved to California for career advancement, and then Chad moved to Colorado. Even though they were not doing the same thing in the same place like they were in Hawaii, they still talked about someday being in business together

For many years, Chad followed in the footsteps of his brother Anthony. When Anthony got his Merchant Marine Masters License and became a charter boat captain in Hawaii, Chad was right there as his crew. When Anthony moved into a sales career selling jewelry, Chad also followed and worked as a salesman for the same company. After settling down with a family, Anthony moved into an insurance career. It took a while, but eventually Chad moved into that industry also.

But God had his timing. Chad and Anthony, both having worked their way into six-figure management positions, fell victims to corporate politics within a year of each other. Chad was a sales manager of a Lasik eye surgery facility, and Anthony was a regional sales supervisor for a household name auto insurance company. It was a fortuitous end to the corporate world. Both were sick and tired of the cubical life and having their ambitions squandered by the small visions of others.

This time Anthony followed Chad and moved to Denver, Colorado, in 2006, where Chad was now selling mortgage protection life insurance. That was when they started their agency, Eagle Shadow Financial, LLC. It was a rocky start, but within a year and a half they realized that they each had skills that were perfectly matched. In 2007, they started Life Agents Alliance in cooperation with to share the success they were already having with other agents. By the end of 2010, their retail agency wrote more than $19 million in annuity premiums and they renamed their wholesale company to Annuity Agents Alliance.  Today, with more than $100 million in personal production and a thriving FMO things have changed more than could have ever been imagined.

Chad has been quoted saying, "I am the engine, my brother is the brakes." Some people jest that Anthony keeps Chad out of trouble. Chad, still in the field as an annuity producer, is fearless and confident in situations that would shake the foundation of most salesmen. Anthony is extremely organized and methodical as he directs the management, marketing, case design, and field training as President of Annuity Agents Alliance. Together, with a foundation in their faith, they are amazed at how quickly their businesses have grown and look forward to an incredible future with their business partners.